Art Commissions

Art Commissions!

~*Lolita and other j-fashion, or fanart*~

-black and white line art (digital or traditional is your choice)- $15

-digital color- $25
+detailed background- $5
+additional figure- $5

-traditional watercolor- $35
+detailed background- $5
+additional figure- $5

*With digital files I can send you the original PSD document and/or a smaller jpg/png of your size, it's up to you.
*Traditional art pieces will be done on 11"x14" watercolor paper, shipped in a bubble mailer and sandwiched between cardboard

-small traditional watercolor 6"x9"- $12
+detailed background- $2
+additional figure- $3

~*Pokemon fanart*~

-small traditional watercolor 6"x9"- $10
+detailed background- $2
+additional pokemon- $3
+human- $4

~*Most recent examples of work*~


traditional watercolor

*all prices in USD
*paypal only, my paypal is- vampiress_gallexea(at)msn(dot)com
*all sales are final
*shipping not included, I will quote you
*deviantart- http://agalmatophiliac.deviantart.com/
*I will do fanart, but only of things I like such as; black butler, sailor moon, zelda, chrono crusade, petshop of horrors, and others. Feel free to ask and i'll tell you if I can do it~
*if you really wanted, I could do hentai for an extra charge
*thank you!